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Five ways to discover your talent.

New York – Author Phillip Hathaway says, “Besides survival and having children, nothing is more important and practical than discovering your talent. That’s because talent is your identity – it’s who you are. If you’re not being authentic, you will never be fulfilled. This will lead to unhappiness and a lost feeling. Your self-esteem will never be at its highest without discovering your talent.”

In his new book, The Psychological Elegance of Talent, Hathaway claims that our talent may be the best way to satisfy our inner, restless wishes. He says, “Mastery of the unfulfilled wish allows our pell-mell yearnings to symphonize into art.”

Hathaway says there are five ways to discover your talent right now:

1. Think about the things you enjoyed doing most as a child. For example, did you love to draw, paint, solve math problems or were you the best at games or sports? You might have used your talent many times as a child without realizing it.

2. Is there something you do that makes time fly? Time transcendence is a clear hallmark of talent. It means you are concentrating without distraction. And that means you may have found yourself.

3. Is there something you do that raises your self-esteem? I define self-esteem as the belief that you are worthy of love and that you can be successful at work. This is fundamental to your happiness. It determines who you marry, how much money you make, the quality of your friendships and even your health.

4. Is there a task or work that energizes you? Although you may be tired at the end of the day, in the long run your work should make you stronger. It should make you eager to return to work each morning.

5. What would you do without pay because you love it so much? Obviously, we all need a pay check. But honestly posing this simple question to yourself may change your life.

If you are serious about discovering your talent, get a piece of paper and pen right now; think about these five questions and write your answers. It also may be a good idea to read, The Psychological Elegance of Talent (Hardcastle Publishing, ISBN 978-0-979-6844-3-2, $7.99). Available now at


Can talent turn all your experiences into something truly good?

Under the influence of talent, just about all of our past episodes can be used to invigorate and balance our life says author Phillip Hathaway.

New York – All of our memories, even those that aren't so good, can become part of a positive force when we discover our talent says Phillip Hathaway in his new book, The Psychological Elegance of Talent.

Hathaway believes that talent may be the best method of achieving balance between the conscious and unconscious mind, which, he says, may be “the irreducible objective of psychology.” He calls this unique balance Psychosymmetry,

And, for those of us who feel a little lost in the world, Hathaway says talent may help you find yourself. “The full use of your talent may be the best gateway to your original self. That is, the person you were at seventeen or so – that young person who is so often sacrificed in order to please others or compromised for the best paying job. But the real you - your original self - is still there and waiting. Allowing it to flourish is simply giving yourself permission to use your talent. This, in turn, allows your psychological awakening.”

“Talent has a great deal to do with the unfulfilled wish," says Hathaway. "Talent literally masters this wish. Mastery of the unfulfilled wish allows our pell-mell yearnings to symphonize into art.”

Readers will also learn several practical ideas to help discover and develop their idiosyncratic talents.

The Psychological Elegance of Talent (Hardcastle Publishing, ISBN 978-0-979- 6844-3-2) is available now at