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Author heroically passes along an ancient tale.

Author retells the Odyssey in heroic couplet passing along a classic story which could have been first told 3,000 years ago.

New York – “I love the Odyssey above all other books,” says author Phillip Hathaway. “That’s why retelling it was irresistible. It’s honest beauty and gracefulness were simply irresistible. There is a truthfulness there that validates our human struggles – and there is the validation of perfect triumph and completion.”

This may be the first time the Odyssey has been retold with such compactness while maintaining its original grandeur and lyrical beauty. Hathaway lovingly preserves the splendid plot and traditional story line while engaging the reader in the cleverest of heroic couplet in this sublime story of longsuffering completed with a second coming and perfect justice. Thus, its evergreen confirmation to the human soul inspiring each new generation to proclaim it the single most important literary work of all time.

When asked if he had any reservation about retelling the Odyssey in a short version, Hathaway replied, “Yes, I did have some reservations. I had visions of being attacked by a mob of angry Odyssean purest. Yet, I heard that someone had written The Little Iliad and lived. So, I went forward with my work because my objective was to bring honor to the Odyssey – to this book I revere above all other books. I also wanted to retell it without the auxiliary stories to the central plot. Of course, these auxiliary stories are critically important treasures that we must cherish but were considered too opulent for this work. So, The Little Odyssey focuses purely on the central plot.”

Hardcastle Publishing says, “This version is idea for bibliophiles wishing to read a fresh rendition of a favorite classic and is an excellent introduction for students.”

The Little Odyssey, by Phillip Hathaway (Hardcastle Publishing ISBN 978-0-9796844-5-6) is available now at