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Want to vacation in a tiny kingdom all inside a lovely English garden?

Book your travel plans now to spend time in this garden kingdom where you can meet and get to know the reigning king and queen.

New York – There is an English garden in which time and size become altogether irrelevant. The many colors, alive with every hue, are enough to entertain most visitors. It is a quiet, peaceful little kingdom. But you’ll soon see that an almighty struggle took place before peace triumphed. Roaring battles and acts of brazen bravery were background to the most tender of royal loves upon this verdant Elizabethan stage.

You can vacation there, should you wish. You get there by opening a book called The Hathaway Epics then turning the pages ’til you come to a story titled, “Princess Emerald, an Elizabethan Stage Play of the Imagination”.

We asked the author, Phillip Hathaway, what inspired such artistic storytelling. “Well, I wanted to create folklore that recalled the time when the common sounds were the buzzing of a bee, the morning songbird, a field of wheat tremulous before the wind. All that one heard was natural – the leaves and branches of a tree rustled to exaltation by a summer zephyr and sighing again unto silence. Another speaks and she is with you. For her voice is heard only when spoken in person – in your presence. She looks in your eyes, speaks slowly, then innocently awaits your reply while listening attentively. All you behold is made by a cousin’s hand or by nature, herself. An abundance of flowers and birds fill the forest. Folks work with nature, rather than trying to subdue her, laboring long with hands and back yet often recreating themselves with festivals, fairs and common meals.”

“In respect to man’s relationship with nature, this was goodly time. We must look often to it. Indeed, we must return to it. For it is seat and prize of our sublime resistance.” “I have tried to capture glimpses of this gentler time within these pages. So, it was all inspired by nature and the way men lived among nature and especially how they lived in the English forest long ago.”

You’ll find many fascinating times and places to visit in this entertaining book which has been compared to the epic film Lawrence of Arabia, the writing of Alice B. Toklas and German moral humorist Wilhelm Busch. There is “The King’s Arrows”, “This Mantle of Saxon Blue”, “Zelda de Switzerland”, “‘Toinette” and “Benediction” all written in epic verse. The Hathaway Epics, by Phillip Hathaway, (Hardcastle Publishing ISBN 978-0-9796844-7-0) is available now at