The Little Odyssey: The Retelling Of Homer’s Odyssey In Heroic Couplet

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The Odyssey is that sublime story of heroic longsuffering completed with a second coming and perfect justice. Thus, its evergreen confirmation to the human soul, inspiring each new generation to proclaim it the single most important literary work of all time. The Little Odyssey may be the first time it has been retold with such compactness while maintaining its original grandeur and lyrical beauty.

Hathaway lovingly preserves the splendid plot and traditional storyline while engaging the reader with the cleverest of rhyme in heroic couplet. This version is idea for bibliophiles wishing to read a fresh rendition of a favorite classic and is an excellent introduction for students. Because of this universal appeal, we invite all those who love classic literature to read and enjoy this new edition of the Hardcastle Classic Library!

“As a lover of the Odyssey, I highly recommend this retelling of my favorite classic – truly a miniaturized gem that sparkles with beauty and grace!” - Virginia Woodford

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  • Paperback:              186 pages
  • Publisher:                 Hardcastle Publishing (June 26, 2009)
  • Language:                 English
  • ISBN-10:                     0979684455
  • ISBN-13:                     978-0979684456
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